Removing Trees Near Power Lines Virginia Beach

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Removing Trees Near Power Lines Virginia Beach

It is never a good combination when it comes to power lines and Virginia Beach trees. In addition, electric shocks cause a large amount of tree worker injuries and deaths, but not from touching the actual power lines. This is usually caused by a secondary source, such as a pruning tool or tree branch that touches a wire. Regardless of the voltage in the wire, if the power is headed straight to your home, it can cause severe damage and even compromise other electrical components in your home electrical system. There’s no doubt that power and other utility lines require extreme caution and care, and that’s why Tracstar Tree Experts recommend leaving it to the professionals when Removing trees near power lines Virginia Beach.

The last situation you want to encounter is catastrophic damage during Virginia Beach tree removal or maintenance, and this is the main reason why it is important to contact a professional tree service ensure the safely removal of the tree. A tree service company in Virginia Beach has as extensive industry experience and knowledge, guaranteeing that a plan is in place before work can begin work around the utility lines. At Tracstar Tree Experts, we prioritize the security of our customers during every job we take on, ensuring you only pay for the Virginia Beach tree services and not unnecessary damages.

Removing Trees Near Power Lines Virginia Beach Should Never Be a DIY Project

Most Virginia Beach property owners prefer taking on issues into their own hands, leading to severe damages and injuries. Also, while some are minor and can be handled without a lot of expertise or specialized tools, some should be left to a professional before you incur a significant dent in your finances. If a tree in your premises needs to be removed, but it is near a power line, chances of a DIY going from bad to worse are higher.


When a Virginia Beach tree encroaches on a power line, it presents the following dangers:

  • Electrocution. Virginia Beach trees can become conductors of electricity when they come into contact with a power line. This can result in serious injury or death of people close by.
  • Fire. If a branch is touching a power line, the electricity can make the tree hot enough to catch fire. The fire can spread to nearby trees, vegetation and buildings, putting the surrounding community at risk. If this is wildfire season, the damage can be of disastrous proportions depending on where you live.
  • Power outages. If a tree branch that’s hanging over a power line falls, it can interfere with the electrical system, causing outages in your home and throughout the entire neighbourhood.

Contact us today at Tracstar Tree Experts, and schedule an appointment with our experts. We take the time to assess the surrounding before proceeding with tree removal to ensure that a well-designed plan is created before we hit the ground running. We guarantee nothing but the best Virginia Beach tree removal at cost effective prices.