Five of The Most Common Trees in Virginia Beach Virginia

Most Common Type of Virginia Beach Trees (1)

Five of The Most Common Trees in Virginia Beach Virginia

Virginia is home to a few of the most beautiful plants and trees. Regardless if you are a fan of Black or Red Oak,  or even Ash trees, almost always they will be a great addition to your homes lawn.  Lets take a look at the most common trees in Virginia. Every time you walk outside you home you notice tree every where in a variety of sizes. But, if you are interested in a particular type of tree, you will most likely want to know if it is suitable for area you live before deciding whether or not to plant it. 

Most Common Trees in Virginia Beach 

Virginia is subtropical climate, with humidity filled summers and at times freezing cold winters. Our area of the United States is home to some of the oldest trees in the world, such as Tulip Poplar, Black Locust, Eastern Redbud, Sycamore Maple, and even the Sugar Maple.

Here are a few of the most common native trees in Virginia

Ash Trees

Ash trees are normally fast-growing trees, averaging a height of 40-60 feet. In comparison to other Virginia trees, they have simple leaves that grow opposite to the coils. Also, the flowers grow in clusters and vary from purple to green and white. The Green Ash is most common in our area and often qualifies as a local tree. In addition, You’ll notice it by the samara pods and green wings handing in clusters

Red Maple

Red Maple are normally large trees, averaging a height of 40-50 feet. Sporting an impressive appearance, it contributes to the amazingly unique autumn hue throughout Virginia.

One of the most interesting facts about this tree is how it changes colors. During the summer and fall, it has reddish flowers, and during spring, it features dark green leaves. Red Maple thrives in moist soil and is a cold-hardy type of tree.

Because of its huge size, many locals require professional Virginia Beach tree services to maintain the overall health of the tree. For a professional approach and competitive rates, consider a tree service in Virginia Beach VA. We posses the tools, skills, and experience to handle trees of any size or type.

Mockernut Hickory 

Hickory trees are tall, strong, and deciduous trees, with an average height of 50-100 feet. There are a few different hickory trees in Virginia, and you can find them in abundance in the local parks and gardens. Identifying a Mockernut Hickory is easy due to its unique characteristics. In addition, the trees have large nuts, shaggy bark, and oval-shaped leaves that grow on opposite sides. 

Black Oak 

In Virginia Beach, and the surrounding areas, you may notice all kinds of oak trees. One of the most common types is the Black Oak. Young oaks have smooth and gray barks, while larger and older ones have rough and dark bark. 

Like previous species, the Black Oak belongs to the group of large trees, with an average height of 50-80 feet. The top surface is green, while the lower parts are pale. 

Black Locust  

Black Locust has long leaves and vibrant colors. The leaves grow up to 14 inches, with 19 alternate leaflets. This tree produces yellow foliage during the autumn months, contributing to the overall appeal of Virginia’s gardens and parks.